Another hem technique for jersey

An easy hemming technique for jersey knits. It’s really useful on long sleeve cuffs or leggings. You could probably use it anywhere really. I think it’s called a faux band and you can make it as thin or as wide as you’d like. If I’m doing a long sleeve cuff I add an inch to my sleeve length when cutting and then make the fold up bigger.

The first step is to turn your sleeve or whatever you’re hemming right side out.

Then you fold up the edge right sides together. You can make this however long you want. If your pattern has an included hem allowance you should probably fold up half to two thirds of that allowance unless you’ve added in a bit extra.

Then fold the raw edge back down towards the folded edge and pin.

Here’s another view of the same thing 🙂

Now serge/ overlock the raw and folded edge together.

And hopefully your finished hem should look like this. Maybe practice on some scraps first.