• Finishing necklines and cuffs

    So this is how I attach necklines and cuffs. It involves a bit of maths, not too much though :) The general rule is that if you're using cotton lycra for both the main item and the cuff you will need to cut the binding (that's what I'm going to call the stuff even though [...] Continue Reading
  • Another hem technique for jersey

    An easy hemming technique for jersey knits. It's really useful on long sleeve cuffs or leggings. You could probably use it anywhere really. I think it's called a faux band and you can make it as thin or as wide as you'd like. If I'm doing a long sleeve cuff I add an inch to [...] Continue Reading
  • Why I prewash ALL my fabric

    Something I never used to even think about was why new clothes all have that same weird new clothes smell. It wasn’t until I started doing research into the labels and fabric I use to make clothes that I realised how many different toxic chemicals are used in the production line of fabric. I’m definitely […]

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